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Hola / Hello,


My name is Guadalupe Herrera, and I am a Freelance Innovative Graphic Designer,

but my friends just call me Lupe.


I am the founder of Graphics & Friends - Advertising & Design Studio, GLH Designs - Signage Studio, HH&H - Renovation & Innovation Remodeling, and soon to come...  

Aztec Arte Gallery.


I attended the Art Institute of Houston where I studied Visual Communications but specialize in Graphic Design. For the past 25+ years, I worked for Stewart Title Houston, I was the graphic designer for Houston and surrounding areas. I overseed 35 branch offices in both print and internet in advertising. I fabricated and installed branch logos, I designed, produce and installed conference room graphics throughout the branches. I also designed commercial floorplans for new offices which included drawings of conference rooms, lobby, offices, restrooms, floor tile layout, ceiling grid layout, mechanical room, storage areas, kitchen, electrical, lighting, plumbing, and furniture layout.


While employed fulltime I still managed to cater to my personal clients under G&F in both advertising and signage when needed. As well as design and create kitchens & bath, fireplaces, and stain concrete.


I’ve brought my creative thinking and problem-solving abilities to every project I ever had the pleasure to work on. I’d like to bring that same energy to your company or project. Whether as a full-time employee, freelance base designer or the occasional special home or sign project, I (we) can help. Not to mention I am also a self-taught artist, who also enjoys picking up a brush in-between projects.


For those interested I am self-taught on the following software's - Pagemaker, Quarks, CorelDRAW, Freehand, Acrobat, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, FlexiSIGN Pro, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Since deciding to specialize in graphic design I chose to drop creating websites, back then it was a career of its own. Now though at times you'll find me still designing and creating them.


Guadalupe HERRERA


Born in 1963 in Eagle Pass, Texas



The Art Institute of Houston

Houston, Texas | 1988 - 1990



Fluent in English and Spanish



Lives and works as an independent

innovative graphic designer / artist

in Houston, Texas



My body of work is an embodiment of influential styles, such styles as Henri Matisse, Patrick Nagel, and the Pre-Columbian Art of the Aztec and Mayan with a hint of Salvador Dali. Perhaps to some, it's not the perfect combination of artist, yet for my vision the perfect masters. Each making a bold statement with simple geometric shapes. My vision is of a bold simplistic intertwine style, full of color, life, and depths. The representation of the past and the present in most cases.




Intriguing & Challenging

Art writer and editor,  David Masello


Participant of a 


Rogue Space | Chelsea, February 2011

       Alluring Curves

       Passion Changes


Lilly Oncology On Canvas

       Rose Petals, June 2012

       Fina Y Mage, May 2010


The Kinsey Institute 2010 Juried Art Show

       Open to Embrace, February 2010


2010 The Hunting Art Prize

       The Word, November 2010


Studio2Gallery, Creature Feature

       Aztec Critters, April 2009


Nude Nite Art Expo Show

       Adam & Eve, March 2009


Dr. Pepper Sabrosura Contest

       Pura Sabrosure, November 2008


Bering & James Art Box Show

       Box of Color - Aztec Series, November 2008

       Box of Color - Colors, November 2007



A painting of kaTRINA, a depiction of the eye of the hurricane over the city of Houston. The host felt because of the constant changes and issues in the market. He felt it would be like being in the eye of the hurricane. (Sorry not shown)



Dr. Pepper - Pura Sabrosura, November 2008

Jazz Festival - Poster, March 1990


PUBLICATIONS - My N*de Valentine, 2006



Guadalupe Herrera

Art/Creative Director / Innovative Graphic Designer

Houston, Texas

(713) 201-9160


I like to start by saying, “Creativity is much more than just a skill you list on your resume: I believe it’s a way of life. Something one is born with and

not trained to do."  I’ve brought my creative thinking and problem-solving abilities to every job I’ve had the pleasure to work on. Now I’d like to bring

that same energy to your project or company.”


Authorized to work in the US for any employer




Senior Graphic Designer

Stewart Title Guaranty Company - Houston, TX

October 1995 to September 2017


My main project was designing and producing brochures showcasing customers homes that were going to be put on the market. Design and

produce a monthly brochure for Stewart's in-house employees. I designed special event invitations, promotional merchandise, P.O.P’s, personalize birthday, 16th & weddings invitations, t-shirts & caps, banners, flyers, postcards , technical illustrations, package design, residential & commercial

office floor plans, logos, maps, business identity package, magazine & newspaper ads, presentation folders, posters and billboards. I have done

photo-shoots, color corrections & photo editing and have designed the occasional powerpoint presentation.


Production Artist

Utopian Art - Houston, TX

July 1992 to December 1995


I design a monthly brochure in which I did all the production art manually. Designed flyers and ads as well. I did all the camera shots of artwork,

laid them out and deliver to a service bureau and pick up of final brochure afterward. Designed flyers, postcards, and ads.


Graphic Designer

4D Graphics - Houston, TX

January 1994 to November 1994


Designed logos and produce all vinyl graphics for monuments or pylon signage. Including detail specs on proper graphics installation. Produce materials that would be used for screen printing. Produce layouts with detail specs to produce the actual monument with a color spec sheet.


Graphic Designer

Summitt Outdoor Advertising - Houston, TX

July 1992 to May 1994


Designed billboards and reproduce logos for best printability.


Production Color Editor

American Color - Houston, TX

February 1992 to July 1992


Digital production artist for magazine, sporting and grocery ads.


Paste-Up Artist

Metal Graphics - Kenner, LA

June 1990 to June 1991


Designed templates base on specs by US Navy on control panels for aircraft carriers. Setup templates of camera-ready art to be a photograph

to be used for metal etching and silk screening. Designed artwork for special events.


Maintenance Supervisor

JMP Properties - Houston, TX

May 1986 to June 1988


My knowledge and expertise include experience in - drywall, tape float, plumbing, electrical ac & refrigeration, painting, carpet work, framing,

wallpaper installation, tile, and solid wood floor installation, finish work and appliance repair. I also supervised 7 employees and have also done

some landscaping designing.

The Art Institute of Houston - Houston, TX

Associate Degree in Visual Communications

June 1988 to June 1990

Broussard's Technical School - Houston, TX

Diploma in A/C & Refrigeration

March 1985 to March 1986


FlexiSIGN-Pro (25 years)


CorelDraw (25 years)


Freehand (25 years)


Photoshop (25 years)


Illustrator (7 years)


Indesign (1 year)

Work Experience



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